I distracted myself from work one day playing with my telephoto lens. This zandolit (pronounced zandoleet, meaning small lizard) was hiding behind the metal artwork on the wall. The ones we see on the gallery are almost always bright green, and the body about 3-5 inches long. They're fun to watch catch bugs.

This one changed colour after I spooked him.

He moved out when I tapped the metal. Love the zandolit feet!

He moved to the railing and eventually jumped to a tree. Oh, and he started to turn bright green again.

Everytime I think of the word "zandolit" I hear it to the tune of "Frere Jacques" as in "Zandolita, gentil zandolita. Zandolita, gentil plumiere"... bizarre :)

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Meredith said...

Thanks again for the great photos, it is like being there with you sometimes. And what beautiful distractions God is putting in your lens!!
Am missing you.